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Service Dog Training

"Here, you dropped this!  No worries, I got it!"

If you are curious about teaming with a Service Dog, I'll be glad to meet with you to share some basic information. 


There are many non-profit organizations providing low-cost or no-cost dogs.  This is a great thing and the appropriate place to start.  I can provide you with a few local organization's to start with.

Most Service Dog providers that I'm personally familiar with, to my knowledge, do not provide dogs for all disabilities.  Please choose to not be disappointed if you are turned down by a Service Dog provider. It most likely means that your needs and the mission of the provider do not match.

A "no" answer from a provider just means you may be one step closer to finding the right organization.  Keep looking.

If you do have a need and you've run out of options for a free dog, it may be time to call a professional trainer.  Don't be afraid of not having money.  There are ways to raise funds and I can help with that.

I can help you train your own Service Dog with private sessions.  It's fun!  Call anytime.

Sherry Clark.


Assistance Dog Guide and interview.


One hour phone interview.

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