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Brainy Dog

Behavior changes, when needs are met.

Smiling brown dog photograph with a rose between his paws with forest in background. RidgeBack Dog breed.Individualized dog training Brainydog dot com_edited.jpg

and what dogs need.

Values are
what you
want in life...

Dog Training is...

a mutually diverse deep conversation.

You will learn to speak dog and your dog will learn to speak human. Listening is a big part of that conversation.

Communication is the foundation to any friendship. Without clear communication, change would be stressful. Without understanding, we are more likely to make incorrect assumptions which can lead to stress, confusion, avoidance and even anger.


Same for dogs.

To change behavior, without knowing the cause, we would be left with methods I don't want to use on my own dogs or your dogs.

To learn more, scroll through all the picture boxes first to get the idea, then use the circle arrow for more detail.


Your dog will listen...

Girl sitting on bed while scratching dogs chin you and your family.

You'll hear...

...what your dog is saying.

What are they saying?

Two dogs wearing jackses looking at each other with ocean and ducks in background.

They're expressing needs.

I want...

Dog bites handle of waggon full of toys to pull it across grassy yard. Jack Russell Terrier

...something to do.

I need...

Pug holds metal bowl in mouth while looking at someone.

...this thing now.

Is it a want or a need?

Woman in winter clothing looks at shoes through window. Window shopping.

It can be hard to tell.

I don't know...

Dog had confused look on her face. Puples looking toward nose on both sides. Husky Dog

...what I need.

Our job is to...

Lady in casual fall clothing walking dog on a loose leash while talking on the phone.

Listen, think and act.

Phone-guided sessions...

Phone-guided dog training.jpg

...for you and your dog.

Example of a...

IMG_0351.JPG guided session.

Thank you for caring so much for your dog. :)

Brainy Dog follows

L.I.M.A. guidelines





Learn more about L.I.M.A.

Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice

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