Dogs can stay home alone and still be comfortable

It feels good to be loved and to know someone you love will come home to you later today. Separation Anxiety distorts the feeling into something uncomfortable. It's a nervous, anxious, out of control feeling that makes you believe you can't function without your partner.

Dogs can feel trapped in a house. They may think the only solution is to tear a hole through the front door to find the human that makes life worth living for them. They may cry the whole time you are gone. They may shred pillows to bits or chew their way out of a crate.

Dogs with anxiety when left alone will like our

I love you program

Whatever caused your dog to feel anxious in the first place, please know, there is help. We'll choose exercises based on your specific canine friend's personality (and your personality) to help her or him learn to be calm while you're away. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes not so much but progress can be made. Please work toward getting your dog to feel comfortable alone. Separation Anxiety must be a stressful helpless feeling that no animal or human need to go through.

We may offer to accompany you on a visit to a Veterinarian Some medical issues can have similar symptoms to behavior issues.  We test (medical vs. behavior) by using accepted Veterinary practices, however, I am not a Veterinarian.  I do ask that you follow through with your Veterinarian if I suggest it's appropriate, and it's always a good idea to get your Veterinarian's opinion on any dog training plan by any trainer including myself. 


My current belief is that most Veterinarians support thoughtful, investigation of environmental factors and modification of environment, communication styles, nutrition and implementing gentle leadership practices and reward based training to guide our dogs to more acceptable behaviors. 

Making sure a medical issue is not the cause of a behavior concern is an important part of the process.