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Stop pulling program is for...

...dogs that are so excited about sights and smells that they pull you down the sidewalk just to get to the next one.

Question one is:

Why do you walk you dog?

Is it so they can pee and poo?

Is it so they can exercise?

Is it because you love to walk?

Perhaps you only walk your dog when you go to the Veterinarian.

Is it because you love to walk but feel more comfortable with a dog?

Are you training for obedience trials?

Are you training to compete in sled racing?

There are no wrong answers.

The reason does matter.

You and your dogs are individuals and we want to make sure the result is actually what you expect.

Depending on why you are walking you dog, we will teach you and your dog skills to meet your goals.

Reactivity on leash.

Barking, lunging, pulling towards something.

When dogs are uncomfortable with things in our world they may want to create distance between themselves and the thing. Barking is one way to create distance. They may think barking will make the thing go away.

We need to prove to our dogs that the thing they are unsure about is not going to hurt them.

Step-by-step this can be accomplished through kind, proven techniques.

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