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Real change is possible.

If your dog's behavior challenge includes being overly excited, ReeeeLaaax is a great place to start.

Once relaxed, your dog can focus on the new skills we are teaching him or her to replace the unwanted behavior.

There are several important components to being able to achieve a relaxed state. I start asking questions and if your are already doing what I suggest we quickly move to the next component.


I respect the knowledge your already have.

Relax is for Dogs who need to change behavior.

Brainy Dog relax program sets a solid base, so changing behavior is easier on you and your dog.

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Number of sessions depends on your goals.

Some dogs only need one change in their routine. Others need several adjustments implemented over a few weeks.

Best part is you'll discover what relaxes your dog and what relaxes you in regard to his or her behavior.

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Brainy Dog says:

"A calm dog is a good dog".