Cute Golden Retreiver puppy on his/her back, totally relaxed. "ReeeeLaaax"

Who's it for?

Relax. Really, just relax.

Remember that deep breath you took? The one you filled your lungs and stretched your chest? It was right after you decided to change something in your life. Or maybe it was when you gave into something or someone as if your body is saying "All right alright, I'll do it or change it or accept it. Sound familiar?

It's hard to change when you are so stressed out your mind can not pay attention to details.

Dogs who must change to live in peace and harmony with their humans.

Number of sessions depends on your goals.

Some dogs only need one change in their routine. Others need several adjustments implemented over a few weeks.

Best part is you'll discover what relaxes your dog and what relaxes you in regard to his or her behavior.

Brainy Dog relax program sets a solid base, so changing behavior is easier on you and your dog.

Brainy Dog says:

"A calm dog is a good dog".