My dog plays too rogh. Three happy australian shepherd puppies. "Play nice"

Dog to Human Manners

If our Dogs don't have manners with Humans, the consequence can be dreadful.

See any you like?

  • Quiet please.

  • Rest while humans eat.

  • Sit (don't jump) to be petted.

  • Don't pee on uncle Jim.

  • Stay off of the kitchen cabinets.

  • Run and wrestle (dog to dog play) outside, not in the house.

  • Stop crowding me off of the bed.

  • Go to your pillow when guests arrive

  • Wait on "both" side of all doors.

We expect our dogs to be well mannered in two different societies:

Dog society and Human society.


Dog to Dog Manners

To stay safe our dogs need to stay within a range of behaviors.

From my point of view it's pretty simple.

1. Play nice.

2. Share resources.


More specifically:

  • Greet dogs in a friendly dog way.

  • "Ask" dogs to play, don't just pounce on them.

  • Be able to walk by dogs without touching them.

  • Respect "first-come, first served" on dog beds.

  • Take another dog's toy, only after he or she drops it.

Relax is for Dogs who need to change behavior.