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We inspire dogs to think...

... and people to respond with love.

What would you like to do?

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Tell me about
your dog :)

When you were a kid...

...what did you think about dogs?

Some may wonder why spouses, kids, friends and, some groups of people interact with dogs as if they're human. Perhaps you see dogs as thinking, feeling beings, but your family is not so sure.

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There is common ground.

...if not, let's create some.

Is family on the same page?

Why dogs have challenges.

It's not easy being a dog.

Below, you can learn why sometimes, dogs behave differently than we expect. Being more aware of their perspective can help us to help them.

Working dogs have jobs.

100 years ago

These dogs still thrive today in working dog environments. Dogs with jobs have little time for bad behavior. Jobs fulfill their needs.

dogs were busy.


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Working dog games to...

...change pet dog behavior.

I'm so proud of you...

for training your dog!!

I love dogs. They remind me, every day to make time for the simple things in life. They also help me practice being the person I think I am.

sets boundaries.

Teaching manners

Like humans, dogs have social responsibilities.


Acting inappropriately can result in being isolated from social interactions.

Pet dogs want jobs.
Brainy Dog First Free Step_edited.png

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Dogs need manners in...

...two different societies.

You found Brainy Dog...

...because of that thing that happened, right?

You are in the right place. I love dogs. They are my life. The thing is, dogs must fit in to our family, our lifestyle and our neighborhoods.

You'll be surprised how easy... and sometimes how much work changing behavior can be. Hard work and worth every second.

I promise to be real with you, give you my all and put family first.

When dogs disrupt our life.

It's not your fault.

When problems arise... I know it's not easy but try pushing frustration aside  and choosing to think about the value of... understanding.

It's not their fault.

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View the problem from...

...a different perspective.


Yay!! You got a puppy! I'm so happy :)

This will be so much fun!

Oh my, there is so much to do. Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Good. That's normal. Your on the right track :)

It will be fine, don't worry. Take a deep breath... just not while picking up puppy poo. I'll walk you through it one simple step at a time.

Please do not miss this golden opportunity in your puppy's brain.

Schedule before pup comes home. Start training right away, in

your home, by phone.


challenges later :)

Prevent behavior

Teach puppy NOW.

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Start teaching puppies... eight weeks old.

I know, I know.

Training by phone sounds impossible.

But there are hidden benefits only seen by those with a curious mind.


I know you'll love it at least as much as my family of clients.

It's something to do with you connecting with your dog instead of me connecting with your dog.

Here's what clients say.

"It solves problems
in real-time!"

"My dog looks up to me, now."

"Sherry is kind, patient and clear."

"Training my puppy by phone is the best part of my day."

Text to be next.

sample session

Text a pic of your dog to meet Sherry by phone and get a free dog training session.

Popular programs

100% customized for your dog.

Train in the comfort of your home.






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$60 each session.

Monthly subscription
3 sessions per month.
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