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Whoever your dog is,

Dog training for small dogs

whatever their challenge

Stop biting
Bit the mail man
Dog bit owner
Dog play bites
dog resource guarding

Brainy Dog can help.

Peaceful Compassionate training for barking, lunging, biting, reactive, fearful dogs.

Brainy Dog Training works because:

  • It's quick and easy.

  • No need to dress up.

  • We train at your pace.

  • Choose the curriculum.

  • Your dog listens to you.

  • Solve problems in real-time.

  • I respect your experience.

  • See progress each session.

Packages are available

Tell me about your dogs

Sherry Clark

Professional Dog Behavior Trainer


Voice message 24/7

707 922 6344



530 518 6994


Ask about a free guided training session.


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