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Whoever your dog is...

Brainy Dog helps them shine.

Happy Scuttles_edited.jpg

From your dog's view...

You are the smartest person in the world.

I guide by phone,
while you train at home.

Your dog can relax now. They're being heard.

Understanding, relieves frustration, builds bond, and improves communication.

It works so well because you are the person your dog learns from.

  • Free support

  • It's quick and easy.

  • No need to dress up.

  • Train at home or out and about.

  • Your dog learns house rules... at home!

  • Systematically migrate skills out in public.

  • You get the same instructions as in-person.

  • Our sessions, solve problems in real time.

  • Solve challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • See progress each 30 minute session.

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