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Pet dog happiness training...

for behavior challenges.

It's not easy being a dog in a human society.

Brainy Dogs Talking.jpg

Dogs must understand our world and theirs.

I believe, when we look deeper, we all want the same things, no matter who we are, what we are or where we live.

It's a mutually diverse deep conversation.

Each session will guide you toward a better understanding of what your dogs need. Once we get a clear picture, it's easy to change their actions.

Individualized teaching

Lessons are customized for your experience, style of learning, schedule, price and specific need.


See progress each 30 minute session.

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • You get free support.

  • ​It's quick and easy.

  • No need to dress up.

  • You choose the curriculum.

  • Train at home or out and about.

  • Your dog learns house rules... at home!

  • Systematically migrate skills out in public.

  • You get the same instructions as in-person.

  • Our sessions, solve problems in real time.

  • Solve problems for today and tomorrow.

Clients say...

"It solves problems in real time."

"My dog looks up to me, not the trainer"

"It is like having Sherry right there with you."

"My dog's walking is AMAZING now! He walks calmly while wagging his tail."

"She really understands Dogs and their thinking process. She came up with exercises and great ideas for the both of us to do inside and outside."

"It's amazing how much a phone call can do for a dog."

Try a free phone-guided session

Text a pic of your dog to get a free sample session.

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