Respect, Patience, Honesty, Commitment, Privacy


Respect for Dogs and Other Animals

I believe all dogs have the same right to talk, laugh, love, and complain as we do. Our job is to listen to their concerns and provide everything they need to be happy, healthy, well-balanced, tail wagging and well educated.

All dogs, no matter what breed are individuals and will not be judged because of their genes. That goes for humans too by the way.

Brainy Dog Adopts the "American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)" position on Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL).

See AVSAB position statement web page.

Respect for Humans

No matter what your situation, no matter what you could have done better, no matter if you feel you’ve made mistakes, should have known better or think you might have caused your dogs problems, I respectively start where you are right now and move forward. No blame, no guilt, no putting you down.


I listen to children when they talk.


No, I don't train spouses but I do respect everyone's point of view and help find common ground.


The more patients you have the faster dogs learn.  Imagine teaching a child at just the right pace so he or she can absorb the most out of each lesson.  Heck, same with adults.  We have the greatest understanding when we learn bit by bit through association.  So yes, presenting material in an easy to understand format (for dogs) and being patient enough to give them time to understand is the optimal way to teach in my world.


I may take honesty to an extreme.  I don't wear makeup, what you see is the real me. If I realize I've made mistakes I'll let you know right upfront. I you catch a mistake, let me know. You're not going to offend me. I welcome feedback, comments and suggestions, preferably directly to me, it's a lot more effective that way.  And if you think I'm trying to trick you, manipulate you, or be less than honest, just ask to verify what my intention is.  I assure you, my only concern is for the relationship between you and your dog and my brain just doesn't work in a way that wants to hurt people, or other animals.  I quit a big job where money was the value.  Now I have a job where the things I love to do is the main value. It makes me happy.


I'm committed to training dogs, so they can remain peacefully in their homes.  I live more simply than the majority of people, just so I can work with only a few clients at a time, building real relationships and understanding between you and your dogs.  It's unlikely that I'll give up on you or your dogs.


I value my privacy and I value your privacy. I will not share, your information unless you ask me to in order to serve you better. I may send you a follow up email and or occasional email when I offer new services, safety information to share about dogs or training tips for certain part of the year. Print the form and call if you don't want me to have your email address. I totally understand. Just be sure to give me a way to contact you.

Use of Photographs

Your photos

Some of the photos on this site are taken by me of client dogs. I do ask permission to post and use in ads. If you've given permission and changed your mind, please let me know. I'll change the pics. No problem.

Web photos

A few photos are stock photographs by creative photographers. Nice work!


My Facebook photos


Photographs and videos posted on facebook may be of client dogs. Let me know if you'd like me to remove them. All photos except stock photos are my property and carry my copyright.

I know it's not the trend,but

I respect your privacy