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Train by phone is easy, individualized, fun, effective, and affordable.

What Train by Phone looks like. Cell phone with pic of woman walking a dog while talking on phone

Train by phone out and about.

Train by phone at home.

Why it works so wel

Why do phone sessions work so well?

Train-by-Phone works well because you already know how to communicate with heart.

You communicate by using your core values with family, friends, employees, peers, and the general public every day.


The new part may be how to train dogs by using the same core values as a guide.

Brainy Dog, train-by-phone starts with your knowledge base. We add what I've learned over my lifetime with dogs including the last the 20 years as a professional dog trainer. We combine protocols of evidence-based training with the core values of Love, Peace, Respect, Understanding, Trust, and happiness to teach dogs in a way they understand naturally.

Why clients love Train by phone
  • Free support

You have free email and text support for anything we cover during a phone session.

  • It's quick and easy.

This is an efficient way for dogs and humans to absorb lots of information in only 30 minutes. Plus, at home, families can, on the spot, modify existing routines to include the needs of the dog. It's just easier to think about at home.

  • No need to dress up.

These are phone, not video sessions. You learn by watching your dog, not by looking at me. Saying to me, out loud, what you see in your dog, is practice for your brain to better understand what your dog is thinking.

I request videos of your dog after sessions.

I can train your dog, however...

That means, I spend hours building trust, understanding and skillsets with your dog, then we start all over so you can build the same trust, understanding, and skillsets with your dog.

That takes time.

My belief is, this explains why one 30-minute train-by-phone session is so powerful.


You relating to your dog in your home or out and about is the most optimal training experience for you and your dog.

  • Train at home or out and about.

Start training at home. Home is the most effective place to learn new skills.


When your dog has mastered the skills needed for public outings, go out and about during sessions. You are still the expert in your dog's eyes and we work in safe environments where your dog can be relaxed enough to remember which behaviors go with what words.

  • Sessions, solve problems in real time.

Seeing progress each session is my personal goal. It's quite exciting to hear clients say "...the behavior is better now." You did it, by yourself, with your dog and no trainer around, other than me, over the phone. It's a real confidence builder for clients and motivation to continue sessions.

  • You get the same instructions as in-person.

It's the same step-by-step learning process, in-person or by phone.

We still individualize each step, depending on the result of the last step.

Your dog learns in his or her own environment, with no distractions. Don't worry, we systematically add distractions and outings in the near future..

  • Your dog deepens bond and communication

with you, not a professional trainer.

The best part is your dog bonds with family, instead of a trainer. From your dog's point of view, his or her family are the brainiest humans on the planet... not an outside professional dog trainer. Dogs sometimes associate my voice, on speaker phone, as being time for family fun, but you are the ones providing the enrichment to your dogs.

  • Be creative. Adjust my instruction to meet your needs.

Another benefit is that you can have some creativity in training your own dog at home. You don't have to do it exactly like the trainer. You set the criteria. I share the pros and cons of each option based on a number of factors. Decisions are yours to make. If your dog is doing what you want with a smile and a tail wag, then you're doing it right.

Reviews from clients.

5 gold stars in upward curve.png

It's amazing how much a phone call can do for a dog. So happy with how my Great Dane is acting after a mere two months of over-the-phone training.

Shannon L.

Petaluma, CA

5 gold stars in upward curve.png

At first, I was a little skeptical of training my puppy over the phone with Sherry… Well… we have completed one package of four sessions and starting our second next week! ...

With Sherry’s method, not only do they get to stay at home in a familiar environment, but in every session, Sherry teaches ME to be the trainer!

Taryn Casalino

5 gold stars in upward curve.png

Training with Sherry by phone is the best part of my day! I love working with my puppy in a way that allows me to constantly be celebrating all of her successes.

Loryn Hatten



5 gold stars in upward curve.png

Sherry was so great to work with over the phone! At first, I was hesitant about doing virtual lessons, but they worked so well! And I got to be the trainer to implement them and correct bad behavior in the moment. She gave me so many great training tips and I am so thankful for her service!

Ali Loyha

Sonoma County, CA


5 gold stars in upward curve.png

Phone training is great!!  Sherry's professionalism, compassion for my granddog, firm boundaries, and clear direction to both him and myself made sessions a delight and successful. 


  I was hesitant at first, but by golly, it worked well!  It's nice not to have to schlep the dog anywhere, just sit in the family room while she trains us.  Her skill with the dogs and people even work well remotely.


Wilton, CA

5 gold stars in upward curve.png

...I was out of ideas and very frustrated dealing with my little dog's fear issues, caused mainly by lack of socialization as a Pup.


Found Sherry and started doing phone training sessions to try and get a handle on the problem.


She really understands Dogs and their thinking process. She came up with exercises and great ideas for the both of us to do inside and outside.


Also, she explained to me what was going on with the dog and how he sees the world differently than we do. With that knowledge and her expert guidance and down-to-earth methods I've already seen a difference in him, and am confident we are going to overcome his fear issues. I look forward to our continuing sessions and can't recommend her highly enough...

Steve K.

Santa Rosa, CA

5 gold stars in upward curve.png

...I was very skeptical initially but the phone sessions have been extremely effective...

Devin E.

San Francisco, CA

5 gold stars in upward curve.png

We have developed a great relationship with Sherry over the phone. She delivers phone training in real-time with the same benefits as working with her in person. Our dog is showing tremendous progress!

Kevin and Kathy

Santa Rosa, CA


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