Best time & money value.  $55 for 30 minutes.

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Train by Phone is...


We start where you need to start right now.


You don't need to leave the house our get dressed up.


The "Pay what you can plan" allows you to space sessions apart to meet your budget.

No obligation

Try one session. You'll see progress right away.

Free support

You have free email and text support for anything we cover during a phone session.

What clients say about Train by Phone

...I was very skeptical initially but the phone sessions have been extremely effective...

Devin E.

San Francisco, CA


We have developed a great relationship with Sherry over the phone. She delivers phone training is real time with the same benefits as working with her in person. Our dog is showing tremendous progress!

Kevin and Kathy

Santa Rosa, CA



These two sweeties were biting each others jowls, leaving punctures. They could not be in same area or fights would start.

The first very simple exercise showed them there was actually no "reason" to fight.

Now we'll continue phone sessions to repair bad memories so they can get back to being friends.


Vancouver, WA