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Help dogs learn where to pee

Potty Training

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  • Relieve yourself where and when I ask… NOT on my floor.


    You can decide where your dog does his or her business.


    If you don’t decide your dog will.  The two of you may have a difference of opinion. 


    What do you need to know?

     How long after feeding, your dog defecates (poops)?  Write time here.___________

     Know how long after feeding your dog urinates?  Write it here ____________



     One puppy (or adult dog) that just woke up, ate or just got out of its play area.

     Designated potty area outside that is different from the main part of the yard.

    Pebbles or wood chips outside are nice.  Pebbles can be washed with a hose and

    Cedar chips smell good and can be replaced.

     A safe crate for puppy placed near the door closest to the potty area.

     6 foot leash (not retractable).

     Enzyme cleaner (not ammonia)


    Pep Talk.

    Feel like you’ve tried everything?  There are MANY ways to get your pup to eliminate

    where you want.  Even if you’ve tried these steps, please try one more time.  Stick to it.

    Habits take time to create. 


    After these steps are in place we can move on to “Difficult Potty Training” if needed,

    which entails a bit more creativity.  


    You can do this and if you stumble, I’m there to catch you.  The plan may need to

    change, the place to go potty may need to change, the schedule may need to change.


    Your dog may need help beyond what is reasonable for your family to provide.  In that

    case your dog may be able to go to Potty Training Camp.  Yes, there is such a place

    and we don’t stop until we have a solution.

    So, give it a go with a clean slate, good energy and a positive attitude.  View the situation

    from your dogs point of view.  It may clear things up for you.

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