Train by Phone

half hour session

Flexible availability. Try now.

You'll need:

  • Dog treats.

  • Note pad.

  • Comfy chair.

  • Yummy beverage for yourself.

Now call your dog and let's get started.

​The games start exactly where you and your dog(s) need to start to achieve success.


We train while we talk.  It works!

Not recommended for all issues.

To find out if it's right for you, fill out the form on

"Tell me about your dogs" tab.  

Best time & money value.



I travel up to 9 minutes or you travel to me.


I travel up to 19 min.


I travel up to 30 min.

I travel to you.

It's usually best to start in your home.

Sometimes the solution is a simple change in your dog's routine or environment.


In home training works well for:

  • Puppy training at 8 weeks old.

  • Adolescent puppies.

  • New dog training, any age.

  • Behavior re-training

Add $45 to your price for dogs that bite, snap, nip, growl at humans.

Within 30 minutes our confidence shot up and we feel like we have a solid plan. Looking forward to more!

Ally in Chico, CA

Design your own plan

Know what you want, have experience and just need help getting there?


No problem.


Tell me what you want, I can help you get there or find someone who can. 

Tell me about your dog. Click here.

Dogs big day out


for three hrs.

I train,  then coach you.

Drop dogs off, I train, pick up later.

I personally work with your dog, during the day over at least a 3 hour period of time on a specific behavior.


This option is for dogs who need a little extra help.


It may be, learning a skill, over-coming a behavior challenge or to evaluate a dog you're thinking about adopting.


This is most effective after a few private sessions. You still need to practice and I'll show you how.


This day is not intended to erase your dog's issues; it is focused practice and detective work to figure out what methods or combination work best for your dog. 


Plan to stay 15 minutes when you pick-up so I can show you what to practice.


One day of training will not change your dog forever. You must practice to form good habits to make training part of every day life.


Tell me about your dog. Click here.


Here's some behaviors to change.

  • Pulling hard on the leash.

  • Jumping on people for greetings.

  • Barking.

  • Bolting through doors.

  • Lunging at dogs while on leash.

  • Barking at all "spotted" dogs.


  • Losing control or chasing bikes.

  • Demanding to play NOW.

  • Hiding when they see a broom.

  • Stealing items from the counter.

  • Yelping when you touch them.

  • Avoiding having collar touched.

  • Playful mouthing, nipping.

  • Avoiding having nails clipped.

  • Running when they see you.

  • Learning fetch and retrieve.

  • Crying when you leave them.

  • Bouncing off the walls.