Who's first in your home?

It's you, the human. You are first.

I was one step from the auto-opening door of my favorite grocery store. She walked quickly from the other direction, stepped in front of me while telling me to get out of her way.

The image that popped into my head was two dogs trying to get through the same door at the same time. One dog so rude he... or she, sticks her nose into the tiny space between me (I mean, the dog) and the door jam, crams her body in, pushing the previously first dog, back out the door.

First dog, steps back, shakes his head, gives that classic, what the heck look then forgets about it and walks in behind the rude cutter.

Who the heck did that, (dog), think she was? What made her think she should be first?

Dogs grow up as differently as we do. Some are slathered with love and privileges, including being first out the door. Some are left on their own to figure out how life works.

The luckiest dogs have humans who teach skills early in life.

First dog out the door can:

  • Run into traffic.

  • Get sprayed by a skunk.

  • Knock you down the stairs

  • Chase the skate boarder down the sidewalk.

  • Be startled by the mail carrier and decide to bite.

  • Drink the antifreeze you forgot to dispose of under your car.

  • Get ran over while a family member pulls the car out of the garage.

  • Can run away to explore while you are in an emergency to go somewhere.

Teaching your dog(s) the word "wait" is extremely important and can be taught during one 30 minute phone consultation. It's just me, you and your dog. Scheduling revolves around you. I promise to let you talk first.

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