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You become your dogs trainer.

Brainy Dog virtual Training_edited_edite
Brainy Dog Train by phoneGirl with can p


Your dog will see you as the smartest human on earth.

You can do this.

We will find the right pace for your and your dog.

This training is for you and I respect your individuality.


Sherry and Rex

Will it work for you?



Do you listen to books?

Phone-guided sessions are like the author is writing just for you.

Do you enjoy podcasts?

Sessions are like podcasts where you, and your dog are the host. You get the information you ask for.


Do you find information online?

Phone-guided sessions are more relevant for you than general information on the internet. Sessions are 100% customized to your exact challenge.

Are you skilled at video meetings?

If yes, this will be a no-brainer. If no, even better because you won't need to fight video glitches.

I do ask that you send short videos throughout the week so I can see your dog in action.


Do you have experience and just need to know the next step?

You'll be able to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time for the right price.

Are you a bit shy about learning new things?

No problem. I'm very intuitive and will adapt to your style. Just let me know. "Hey, too fast! Slow down" or "I know that already, let pick up the pace".

Have you had a not-so-great experience with a dog trainer?

It's important to find the right match.
I'm friendly, encouraging, positive minded and I know you can do this. You tell me how I'm doing, I'll adjust.


Brainy Dog training
is for you. :)

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