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Brainy Frenchie pushing button to go potty outside


Brainy Dog logo

We inspire dogs to use their brain!

We teach by using principles of:

Brainy Dog learning with Love Peace Understanding and Clear Communication

Love, Peace, Respect, Understanding and

Clear Communication.

Here's how we describe our principles.

Teaching with Love means teaching in a way that creates a closer bond with your dog.

Teaching with Peace means using non-violent techniques that are likely to promote calm behavior.

Teaching with Respect means allowing dogs to set the pace of training.

Teaching with Understanding means presenting concepts in a way that dog brains can easily grasp.


Using Clear Communication means Intentionally viewing the lesson from your dog's point of view. Then changing parts they don't understand.  It means evaluating our own communication to be more clear for our dogs.

We measure success in...

Tail wags

Brainy Dog follows

L.I.M.A. guidelines





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