It's Brainy Dog!  We inspire dogs to use their brain!

Bottom line?

Brainy Dog uses teaching methods that allow your dog to learn the same way humans learn.   First step one, then step two.



We repeat rewarding behaviors. So do dogs.

To START doing something:

We use positive reinforcement, better described as reward based training.

Your dog gets what she wants after doing what you ask.

To STOP doing something:

We still use positive reinforcement. We just reward the dog for doing something "different" than the behavior we want to stop.

For example:

Teach your dog to STOP jumping by teaching your dog to START sitting.

"A style of teaching which uses a series of trials to shape a desired behavior or response. Skills are broken down into their simplest components and then taught to the individual through a system of reinforcement."

  Have you heard of ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis:

It's Applied

Behavior Analysis

(ABA) is used in many sectors of our society. There are several "official" definitions for ABA depending on who's writing, but since I attended training through Easter Seals on ABA, I'll choose their definition. I like it.

It works with adults, kids, animals and this is our approach.