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Things to STOP

Things to STOP

Our world seems to be changing almost faster than we can adapt. Last years solutions must be adjusted today.

Imagine how dogs feel. They are having a hard enough time adapting to changing expectations from 100 years ago, never mind expectations today while our never-ending focus is on a screen.

Dog's ability to adapt, in part comes from a talent we may be overlooking. That talent is the ability to sense our state of mind. That's how they adapt so well. They sense their environment (us) and react in a way that keeps them safe... in their own minds anyway.

Enter misunderstanding.

The point I'm making is dogs are not inherently bad. They are doing the best they can to adapt, get their basic needs met, to avoid conflict and thrive.

I'm suggesting, for a moment, right now...

take 30 seconds to view your dog's most annoying behavior from your dogs point of view. Can you think of two possible scenarios that could cause you to act the way your dog is acting?

You probably use this approach, (view from others perspectives), with your family and friends every day.

It's understanding. I know we all know that but actually using the word and thinking of it as a value, opens our mind to new solutions. At least that's what happens when I think about a dog's behavior through the lens of my set of values.

When you view conflict from another's point of view it's easier to see solutions because...

we all want the same things in life.

Fortunately, there are many paths to success.

A few things we can work on are.

Aggression, Fear, Potty Training, Separation Anxiety, Fighting, Biting, Barking, Marking, Humping, Jumping, Racing, Chasing, Pulling on the Leash and Bouncing off the walls.  Seriously; it can change.

Text me, call me or email.

Let's talk about it.

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