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Things to START

Things to START

Dog to Human

If our Dogs don't have manners with Humans, the consequence can be dreadful.

See any you like?

  • Quiet please.

  • Rest while humans eat.

  • Sit (don't jump) to be petted.

  • Don't pee on uncle Jim.

  • Stay off of the kitchen cabinets.

  • Run and wrestle (dog to dog play) outside, not in the house.

  • Stop crowding me off of the bed.

  • Go to your pillow when guests arrive

  • Wait on "both" side of all doors.

Dog to Dog

To stay safe our dogs need to stay within a range of behaviors.

From my point of view it's pretty simple.

1. Play nice.

2. Share resources.

More specifically:

  • Greet dogs in a friendly dog way.

  • "Ask" dogs to play, don't just pounce on them.

  • Be able to walk by dogs without touching them.

  • Respect "first-come, first served" on dog beds.

  • Take another dog's toy, only after he or she drops it.

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