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Red and Blue Fireworks

Fear of Noise

This training will not scare your dog. :)

Brainy Dog King Charles scared puppy_edi

Start now to make next year better

24 sessions
2 per month
$1440 in 3 payments

707 922 6344
July 2023


The solution is peaceful training


Experience a more peaceful and relaxed future for your dog during fireworks.


Brainy Dog Noise training focuses on creating a safe positive environment, from your dogs point of view, to help your dog feel more at ease during fireworks.

We use a combination of methods that help your dog balance internal emotions, and brain activity with the external sights, sounds and vibrations of noise.


Our goal is to work together to make each year a more relaxing experience for your furry companion.


See progress each session.

How dogs see fireworks


Fireworks can be a source of distress for many dogs, evoking anxiety, fear and causing trauma.


Just like humans, dogs experience a range of emotions, including fear, when faced with stimuli that they don't understand.

When fireworks light up the sky and the loud booms echo through the air, dogs may feel overwhelmed, out of control frightened or downright terrified.


Their instinctual response to this perceived threat can manifest in various ways. Some dogs may hide inside the home seeking safety in familiar places.


Some may cry as if in pain, not knowing how to make it stop.


Some may attempt or succeed to escape the home they love, because that is where they were when boom happens.


Same thing we would do if we thought our home was being crushed. Running away from home makes sense. Dogs don't understand the booms are far away.

Other dogs might try to understand and assess the situation while feeling uneasy and on edge.


Some dogs may endure the presence of fireworks, but their internal state is filled with discomfort and distress.

In search of solace, dogs may seek refuge in their trusted human companions. They may anxiously wait for their owners to pick them up and remove them from the unsettling environment.

As responsible pet owners, it's crucial to recognize the distress fireworks can cause in our canine companions.

Remember, our dogs rely on us to provide comfort and reassurance, especially when faced with unsettling situations like fireworks. By being attentive to their needs and responding with patience and understanding, we can help them navigate through their fear and create a sense of safety in their lives.

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