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Wait for bowl

Teach no jumping on human.

Put a few peices of kibble in dogs bowl.

Human stands and Hold bowl  on top of shoulder for 1 second.

Human takes kibble out of bowl and gives to dog.

Human moves bowl to cheast height

then back to shoulder.

give dog one kibble

Move bowl to waits hight

them back to shoulder.

give dog one kibble

move bowl to hip height.

then back to houlder give dong one kibble

hold bowl to thght heigh

Knee height

calf  heigh

foot height

touch bowl to floor, then raise back up

give dog kebble

set bowl on floor, then rais upp, gie dog kibble

set bowl on floor for one seccond then hand dog kibble

2,3 5 10 seconds, then tell dog Hungry? then let dog eat.

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