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About Sherry and Brainy Dog

Sherry Clark

  • Certified Dog Trainer.

  • Professionally training since 2001

  • Trained over 5000 dogs.

  • Educated by the experts.

  • Changes behavior in dogs by encouraging them to think.

  • Training session are by phone.

Brainy Dog

  • Private company

  • Opened in 2001

  • Trade marked

That was the short story and here is the long story.

Dog training and behavior education

​Canine Specialty Training

The first Training school Sherry attended was Canine Specialty Training, by a Service Dog and Search and Rescue Dog Trainer in Kansas City, MO, 2001. This course was hands-on with strong emphasis on turning shelter dogs into service dogs for people with disabilities.


Her project was to change lunging and barking behavior in a German shepherd. Luke, eventually became a wonderful service dog.



In 2001, Sherry worked and trained through PetSmart also in Kansas City, MO. The course promoted reward based training for all family dog issues

Wolf Park - Wolf and Dog Behavior Camp

In 2003 she spent one week with wolves at Wolf Park in Indiana led by Ray Coppinger, author of Dogs: A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution and Erich Klinghammer (founder of wolf park). She was able to be one-on-one with captive bred wolves. Wolves, like all other animals, can be trained using positive reinforcement.

Wolf Park 2003, Indiana

Sherry traveled the country in '03 and '04, to learn in person through seminars from world renown professionals, such as Ian Dunbar of Sirius, Myrna Milani of of, Kelly Gorman Dunbar of Open Paw, Patricia McConnell PhD , Sue Sternberg of Train to Adopt and Pat Miller of Peaceable Paws to name a few.

Animal Behavior College

In 2009 Sherry became certified through the Animal Behavior College which is a one year Positive Reinforcement dog training school including comprehensive coursework, hands-on dog training and group class training.

Easter Seals

Sherry trained to teach children through Easter Seals Bay Area (ESBA) using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Easter Seals Bay Area has programs to help a large population of people who learn best by using a systematic step by step approach. The same ABA techniques can be used by all of us, including non-human animals.

Positive Reinforcement Education continues

Sherry continues education through: Association of Professional Dog Trainers, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and other organization's concentrating on Service Dogs, Aggression, Behavior and many other disciplines. Her interests in other disciplines are to create and add fresh new exercises to her curriculum for her pet dog clients.

Service dog education

To build on previous Training, Sherry hired existing trainers and took on-line courses to learn a variety of Service Dog skills including training from:

author of Lend me an ear Martha Hoffman;  ;Temperament, Selection and Training of the Hearing Ear Dog.

Other courses and coaching were in Diabetic Alert Dogs, Mobility Dogs and Dogs for PTSD.


Bergin University

In 2016 she attended Mock Client training at Bergin University, a Service Dog Training School in Rohnert Park, CA.  Mock Client Training helps students prepare to train "real" clients who will receive Bergin Trained Service Dogs.

Jake in Service Dog training at a restaurant

Search and Rescue education

Missouri Search and Rescue

In 2001 Sherry took weeks of one-on-one training from a Missouri Search and Rescue (MOSAR) unit leader with her German Shepherd Dog "Moose".


Absaroka Search Dogs in Montana

She attended an Absaroka Search Dogs yearly conference training weekend in Montana end of '01.  Training and competition in Human Tracking, Ropes work, air scenting and problem solving. Her team won some games.

Inland Empire bloodhounds Search and Rescue

In 2003 and 04 Sherry trained at least once a month with Inland Empire Bloodhounds Search and Rescue in North Idaho. Sherry and Moose practiced wilderness scent work finding unit members posing as lost humans.


K-9 Specialty Search Associates

In 2005 she trained to train Cadaver Dogs with K-9 Specialty Search Associates.

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Animals in Disaster Training

North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG)

Sherry joined the North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG) in 2007, training at the Butte County Police Department Training Center in Incident Management, animal handling and other emergency training. In 2008 Butte County experienced fires. The Butte Lightning Complex was made up of 37 fires and burned 60,000 acres. Hundreds of families were evacuated. Emergency workers crossed fire lines to save animals left in homes. Sherry was one of three leaders for round the clock emergency dog and small animal shelters, caring for animals, managing personnel, and setting up emergency kennels in several locations for weeks during the fires.

Sherry Moose and Camp 'n Train Students in Forest Ranch near Lasson Mountain in 2007

Animal shelter volunteer

Independence Animal Control

In 2001, as much time as possible was spent volunteering at the Independence Animal Control, assessing and training dogs to be more adoptable.


Kootnai County Animal Shelter

From 2002 to 2004, Sherry volunteered with Kootnai County Animal Shelter setting up computer databases and modifying behavior in "UN-adoptable" dogs to raise their status to "adoptable" by using systematic step by step desensitization and counter conditioning.


Butte Humane Society (BHS)

From 2005 to 2009, Sherry had a relationship with Butte Humane Society (BHS) in Chico CA. At BHS. Sherry evaluated dogs, wrote training plans and taught dogs cute new tricks to replace unwanted behavior. She also designed and conducted a training program for shelter staff to teach dogs to be quiet, stop jumping and to make eye contact with prospective owners. Just a few changes in the way staff interact with dogs can save their lives. More dogs were adopted, which means fewer dogs were left behind.

Sherry also brought a few lucky dogs Home to Camp Brainy Dog for specific training to help get them back on the adoptable list.


Second Chance Pet Rescue

From 2010 to 2014, she volunteered with the Second Chance Pet Rescue in Corning California.

​Sonoma County Animal Services

Sherry volunteered with Sonoma County Animal Services to retrain dogs to become more adoptable.

Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

At Rohnert Park Animal Shelter, Sherry trains staff and volunteers on how to help dogs put their best paw forward with her "Color me Adoptable" program.

Experience teaching dogs and humans.

Sherry's trained over 5000 dogs and their humans. Many of these clients went on to enroll their dogs in Brainy Dog Camp for specific training or fun filled Dog Vacations. 


Currently, Sherry schedules 12 - 20 "Train by Phone" sessions each week with clients across the USA.

Although most dog training can be accomplished by phone, Brainy Dog camp is monthly and hosts 2 to 3 dogs, usually for the same challenges. "Stop Pulling", "Potty Training", "Fear Nothing" and "Ignore your Bully" are the most popular camps, each lasting 2 to 4 weeks. Dogs live with Sherry during these camps.


Started at age 9

Sherry's from a small town near Kansas City Missouri, and has lived in North California since 2005.  Sonoma County, California is her home.

Sherry started training dogs at age 9 by teaching her Dachshund, Dixie, to sit for an ice cream cone. Her "ice cream" method continued for years with all of her dogs, and neighborhood dogs, while living in Missouri.

No, she does not still use ice-cream except as a treat for humans.

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Butte 2007

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Tehama county 2010

Brainy Dog - Butte County

Brainy Dog - Tehama County

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