Going crazy toward package delivery people!!

You'll be proud when your dog ignores delivery people and trucks. Yes, it can happen :)

It's  not your fault. It is time to make change.   It's my belief, and verified by real live delivery people, that most mail carriers have 3 micro-second  thoughts just before they arrive to almost every house, every day.


"Is there a dog here?",  "Where is he?" and, "Is he going to bite me?"


It's not something we think about often. I'm reminded every time I have a new client whose dog just bit the the mail carrier... Okay, "now" it's time to call Brainy Dog.

The "going crazy" behavior is, changeable and actually laughable fun to watch.  You'll see your dog make the decision to not bark, chase, and charge the window or fence.  Look close and you'll see the light bulb go on over your dogs head. Her thought bubble may be:

Maybe not quite "that"
relaxed but you get the idea.

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