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Individualized dog training.

Individualized dog training Brainydog dot com_edited.jpg

What you want and
your dogs need.

Brainy Dog

Training for behavior challenges provides; what you want and your dogs need.

The Brainy Dog Approach is about:

  • You

  • Your dog

  • Your family

  • Your future goals


  • Harmony for all the above


This all happens in your surroundings, your schedule, using techniques you are comfortable with.

Your dog learns to listen to you.

Not another trainer.

Your dog will see you as a guide that speaks human and dog. You'll hear me on the phone, and your dog will hear you in person.

Telling me in words, what your dog is doing, puts you in the drivers seat and patterns, you to pay attention to what your dog is trying to communicate.


Enjoy the benefits.

By taking time to listen to and communicate with your dog, something amazing happens.


A connection is formed.

It's the same connection that looks like magic between dogs and a caring, skilled, intuitive dog trainer.

What is that connection?

To me, connection is a way to describe what we humans want more of in life.

We want to:

  • Deepen Love

  • Promote Peace

  • Practice Respect

  • Establish Understanding

  • Build Trust


  • Increase Happiness

So do dogs.


Why is my dog doing that?

Why, is the best question we can ask.

Most of our dog's behaviors are adorable. They cause us to smile, laugh and give them whatever they want.


The rest of the behaviors, can be annoying, disruptive, confusing, dangerous and sometimes, cause us to curl up in a ball and cry.

Once we stop, take a breath or three, figure out why they are doing what their doing; we can offer solutions to help them change.


What are they saying?

Behaviors stem from something going on inside their brain.

One way to learn what's going on up there is to interpret their behaviors.

Behaviors can indicate a want, a need or something less evident.

I want...

Dogs can think of creative ways to say:


"I want that toy",

"Walk now"


"I have your sock. Chase me!"

This type of communication stems from a desire to do something, a cognitive thought. No different than us asking a friend to go to a favorite restaurant for that special dish we love.

I need...

Dog WANTS food.jpg

Behaviors can also express needs.


"I'm hungry"

"Sleep now"

"I need water"

"I'm cold"

"I'm hot"


"Hey, open the door. I need to poo NOW!".

These things to an extreme degree are needed to stay alive. Animals need them, we need them.

Is it a want or a need?

Is it a want or a need.jpg

Wants and needs can be subjective.

I don't worry too much about defining wants from needs.


Just keep in mind, the things that dogs require to stay alive are the first in your mind when interpreting behavior.

Something less evident.

What's wrong with me?

Our dogs may be displaying a less evident behavior in response to a symptom of something they don't understand.

"Grrrr, there's that dog again"

"Don't touch my back"

"Step away from my food"

"Don't bother me right now"

"PLEASE! Don't leave me!!"

"Sorry, I peed on the rug."  :(


Dogs may not understand the reason behind these thoughts. They are just communicating feelings.


Their feelings may come from symptoms of conditions they don't understand.

Our job

Be your dog's best human friend.

  • Listen

  • Think

  • Be proactive

  • Seek guidance

  • Verify physical and mental health are balanced


  • Train to change bad habits into good ones.

I'll guide you step-by-step.

It's up to us, to figure out what the behavior means to our dog, before we change a behavior that's bothering us.

Other resources.

We'll also bring in other resources such as veterinarians, behaviorists and other practitioners to diagnose things we don't understand.

Verifying mental and physical health is FIRST priority.

Brainy Dog follows LIMA guidelines





Learn more about L.I.M.A.

Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice

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