Puppy and adult potty training is for...

All dogs who pee and poop in the wrong place.

Keep an open mind!

Your dog is an individual and we look at the problem from his or her point of view. It can take a little detective work and a touch of creativity which makes sessions lots of fun.


I love solving this problem. Phone consultations are quick, easy and inexpensive.  As with other behavior issues, a veterinary visit may be required.

Oh, right, I “did” poop outside.


Sometimes dogs get the idea pooping is not a good thing so they do it in a place no one will see… until later.


This exercise simply helps dogs to understand poop is not bad and helps them learn where the best place to poop is.


First – Find some of your dog’s poop outside.

Grab some treats and call your dog.


Be happy.


Walk to your dog’s poop and call your dog. Put your fingers on the ground near the poop. Your dog may investigate your hand.


When he or she discovers the poop. Say “good” and give your dog a treat.


Then be silly, if silly won’t scare your dog.

Jump around and tell your dog how brilliant they are.


Go back to the poop and repeat the process. Do this several time until your dog begins to expect a treat when you are by the poop.


When dog poops in the house, DO NOT SCOLD DOG.


Just pick poop up and take it outside without your dog noticing.

Call your dog outside and play the same game.  Over time, your dog may think…


Oh, right, I “did” poop outside.

Hopefully, they will continue, just to see you happy.